Employer Testimonials

Lynda H

Global Managing Partner

Using Craig to recruit for us was like having an addition to our own team, but with the benefit of all of the experience of an outside consultant. He provided quality, qualified candidates and considerably reduced the time it normally takes for us to hire. I will use him again and would recommend him to anyone who wants access to a vast network of great candidates.

Sharon A

Applications Development Manager

We have several recruiting companies that we are authorized to use; however, my first choice and the first choice of most of my colleagues is always Craig Kennedy. Craig is professional, very knowledgeable about the technology industry and truly cares about both the candidate and the company. He is interested in a perfect fit for both sides and that's what makes him so unique. I would recommend Kennedy Unlimited to everyone either looking for a job or looking for an employee.

Kevin C

Director Networking

He's a good guy.  Thanks for your help!!


Engineering Manager

Craig Kennedy has been a great partner in filling our engineering and quality assurance openings.  Craig has taken time to develop a deep understanding of our culture and corporate values.  The candidates he provides are always a good fit in terms of the accountability and flexibility on which our team's success is based. Craig has a knack for helping me define how the new employee's technical skills need to fit in with our existing staff to fill gaps.  People we have hired through Kennedy Unlimited have improved the synergy of the whole team.

Carolyn H

Human Resources Recruiter

I wish you the very best in your future endeavors and have enjoyed working with you over the past many years.

John O

Sales Manager

Thanks for the note.  It is a pleasure to work with you.  I wanted to let you know that Missy was one of our top people that came out of the last sales training class and looks to have a bright future here at ADP.

Mark G

Civil Engineering VP

Craig has been very helpful in making the right connection. Willing to listen to your needs and adapt your aspirations into a workable arrangement. You will enjoy networking with this very thoughtful individual. Top Qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative

Tom C

National Sales Manager


Thank you for your efforts.  It was a pleasure working with you!!!!

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